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How can teachers develop strong writing skills in their students in classroom and in life? Clarity and precision, empathy, and calls-to- action happen when the writing stimulates a clear response. Capacities in writers take practice and focus and refined skill in a teacher. Fire the Imagination — Write On! is a vehicle for developing those teaching skills that, in turn, develop writing skills in the young and old. The rigor of the lessons makes for engagement and plain old fun in working hard on good writing. Just the ticket for middle and high school youngsters — effective with adults as well! Waldorf Publication, 2017. 204 pages. Available on Amazon >

Mixing autobiography, journalism and fiction, the book considers the consciousness with which we attempt to come to terms with the impossible. Although the Holocaust is the immediate theme, the individual’s navigation through moral imponderables constitutes the heart of this investigation. Written 20 years ago at the time of the 50th anniversary of the liberation of the camps, this book is as relevant today as ever. Golden Gate Press, 1997. 117 pages. Available from author >

Sheets of White Light, by Dorit Winter. Seven short stories, each about a character caught in a moment of intense illumination. The slender volume is packed with exceptionally compact prose, creating pictures of uncanny presence. RSCP, 1999. 56 pages. Available from author >

The Art and Science of Teaching Composition, by Dorit Winter. ‘This small but insightful book explores rich and stimulating methods for the teaching of English composition skills in Waldorf elementary schools. It offers writing exercises and examples. Compact, it is filled with wisdom all teachers will want to apply.’ AWSNA Publications. 1998. Available at:

Translated from the German.

Anthologized: ‘We Love Grammar.’

Anthologized: ‘America’s Gold Rush; Can It Be Redeemed?’

Book Review: ‘The Social Animal by David Brooks.’

Translated from the German.

Article: ‘Glimmers of Truth: Coleridge and Emerson.’

Art and Theory of Art

Translated by Dorit Winter and Clifford Venho